We build SaaS products.

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Engineering Team

3Blades is lead by a team with 20+ years experience developing and maintaining B2B SaaS products.

John Griebel

Principal Engineer

John likes all languages and frameworks, as long as it gets the job done! He does have a soft spot for Django though :-).

Micheal Roach

DevOps Engineer

Micheal makes the magic happen in the cloud. We can tear down and re install our whole infrastructure programmatically. How cool is that?

Nathaniel Compton

Product Owner

Nathaniel is our resident liaison. Nate can communicate with anyone about our customers needs and wants, whether they are a certified geeks or a sales ninjas!

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Growth and Customer Success Team

If our customers are happy, we are happy.

Greg Werner


Greg talks to customers all day, every day. All feedback is delivered to the rest of the group. También habla español!

Timara Frassrand

Business Development Director

Thanks to Timara our sales organization hums. She understands the industry, gets your business needs and helps to fill in the gaps. And our customers love her!

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Sales Development Representative

We're hiring! We have a new (and exciting) position open for a Sales Development Representative (SDR). Drop us a line if you are interested!