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3Blades offers a cloud based development environment
to build and share data science projects.

Synchronize your files with best in class cloud storage services or use RESTful API to synch objects with on premise storage solutions.
3Blades Features

On the go?

Access workspace environments remotely from mobile devices or tablets.

Share Projects

Instantly share private or public projects with one click.


Create and manage projects and files with other members using granular roles.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our team of data scientists continued mission is to improve the overall experience to create and maintain data science projects.


Features and Benefits

Run multiple workspace environments

3Blades gives you the option to choose which workspace environment to run when developing your data science projects. Choose multiple versions of Jupyter, RStudio, among others.

Multiple Environments

Sync resources from external services

Import folders and files directly from GitHub, AWS, S3 and Google Drive.

External Services


Create data science projects for personal or team use. For teams, control access using role based groups. Comment and share your projects quickly to improve productivity


Publish Trained Models

Publish trained models with custom instance types as RESTful either for development or production

Trained Models

Use your preferred data science language

Data scientists in many cases don't work with the best data science language (which is the subject of some lengthy debates), but with the language they know best.

In other cases, one language may be particularly good at one set of tasks and another may be better at others. So in order to be productive, it is essential to provide many language options.

Some of the language options included with 3Blades are: Python 2.7.x, Python 3.4.x, R, Ruby, Scala, Julia, Haskell and Bash.

Instantly deploy to staging and production environments

Do you have a small project that you wish to test with real time streaming data? Or perhaps you are a member or a data science team that constantly iterates and tweaks machine learning algorithms.

It's essential to deploy quickly and safely in order to obtain competitive advantages without the need for always-busy IT personnel.

3Blades provides out of the box integrations with common third party Big Data services along with and intuitive API for custom environments so that you no longer have to struggle with deployment headaches.

Collaborate with ease

Data science teams are frequently physically separated and as such instant collaboration becomes important to avoid time wasters, such as sending files via email, downloading and re uploading files with Git repositories, etc.

3Blades collaboration engine uses proven techniques to instantly update team members on project updates and enable real time collaboration on your data science files.

Rest easy with secure storage

It goes without saying that secure storage with 100% reliability is a must. 3Blades has multiple file synchronization options for you to store your data, such as GitHub, Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can also use 3Blades's native file storage services based on Amazon S3. Not only is your data guaranteed to be available (even in case of disasters) but is also encrypted with military grade ciphers.

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