Predicting Conversion Rates With Bayesian Statistics

Predicting Conversion Rates With Bayesian Statistics

What is the importance of predicting Conversion Rates? You may have asked yourself what’s the best channel to advertise a product or what will be the impact of a digital campaign, or even wonder if your will get your advertising money back throughout product sales. Trust me, we all have been there, so in this … Read More

Principal-Component-Analysis-PCA with Python

Principal Component Analysis (PCA): A Practical Example

Let’s first define what a is PCA. Principal Component Analysis or PCA is mathematically defined as an orthogonal linear transformation that transforms the data to a new coordinate system such that the greatest variance by some projection of the data comes to lie on the first coordinate (called the first principal component), the second greatest … Read More

Data Science Venn Diagram

Data Science Venn Diagram V 2.0

Drew Conway’s Data Science Venn Diagram, created in 2010, has proven to still be current. We did a reinterpretation of it with only slight updates to the terminology he first used to determine the combination of skills and expertise a Data Scientist requires. Conway’s “Data Science Venn Diagram” characterizes Data scientists as people with a … Read More

Jupyter Notebook with Apache Spark

How to use Jupyter Notebook with Apache Spark

Jupyter Notebook (formerly known as IPython Notebook) is an interactive notebook environment which supports various programming languages which allows you to interact with your data, combine code with markdown text and perform simple visualizations. Here are just a couple of reasons why using Jupyter Notebook with Spark is the best choice for users that wish … Read More

Deep Learning

What Will Be The Key Deep Learning Breakthrough in 2016?

Google’s work in artificial intelligence is impressive. It includes networks of hardware and software that are very similar to the system of neurons in the human brain. By analyzing huge amounts of data, the neural nets can learn all sorts of tasks, and, in some cases like with AlphaGo, they can learn a task so … Read More

Must Read Books in Analytics and Data Science

30 Must Read Books in Analytics / Data Science

So many pages have been dedicated to Data Science that it can be hard to pinpoint the best books among the sea of available content. However, we have compiled our own list and perhaps it would be a good source of reference for you too. This is not a definitive list of all the books … Read More

What industries will be next to adopting data science

What Industries Will Be Next to Adopting Data Science?

It’s no surprise that data science will surely spread to more industries in the next couple of years. So, which of them would probably be the next ones to hire more data scientists and benefit from big data?  We looked at five very different businesses that are starting to benefit or could benefit from data … Read More

data science team

What is needed to build a data science team from the ground up?

What specific roles would a data science team need to have to be successful? Some will depend on the organization’s objectives, but there’s a consensus that the following positions are key. Data scientist. This role should be held by someone who can work on large datasets (on Hadoop/Spark) with machine learning algorithms, who can also … Read More

sync data science teams

What is the best way to sync data science teams?

A well-defined workflow will help a data science team reach its goals. In order to sync data science teams and its members it’s important to first know each part of the phases needed to get data based results.   When dealing with big data or any type of data-driven goals it helps to have a … Read More

Business Data-Driven Culture

How Can Businesses Adopt a Data-Driven Culture?

There are small steps that any business can adopt in order to start incorporating a data-driven philosophy into their business. An Economist Intelligence Unit survey sponsored by Tableau Software highlights best practices. A survey made by Economist Intelligence Unit, an independent business within The Economist Group providing forecasting and advisory services, sponsored by Tableau Software, … Read More

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