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3Blades strives to make data science accessible to everyone, regardless of
company or team size

Our journey


March: We crossed 1 million monthly active users in the span of 2 years!

December: Our customer, Finsec has 1million in revenue thanks to our cloud services

August: We were joined by our 50th member today

June: Held our first workshop in San Diego, California about the best practices in Machine Learning. Tickets sold in the 1st hour, over 400 people attended

November: API use increase by 200x in the last 6 month and growing at the rate of 20% per month. Crazy!

June: We crossed 1 TB of runtine storage for the first time

The 3Blades Team

The 3Blades team is passionate about data science and quality open source software

Greg Werner


John Griebel

Program Manager

Micheal Roach

DevOps Engineer

Nathaniel Compton

Software Engineer

Ray Gesualdo

Software Engineer

Josh Starrett

Automation Engineer

3blades is used by data scientists, business analysts, software engineers and executives

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