3Blades open-source data science platform empowers data scientists, business analysts and decision makers to collaborate and quickly build, visualize and deploy machine and deep learning models. Our platform runs securely in the cloud or on-premises, providing every organization an easier way to benefit from their data.

Painless Jupyter Notebook Deployments

3Blades allows data scientists and business analysts to create, start and run one or multiple Jupyter Notebooks with the compute options of their choice. Manage your Notebooks, RESTful Models or Cron services with your own instances, whether they are located on-premises or managed by your preferred cloud vendor.

Deploy Trained Models as RESTful Endpoints

Securely deploy your trained Machine Learning and Deep Learning models as RESTful endpoints in any language or framework. 3Blades allows you to quickly scale-out or scale-in your models to N instances depending on compute load, create triggers to start and stop your models based on events

Use Your Preferred Language and

Ensure flexibility for your team members by offering support for the programming language and framework of their choosing, whether it be Keras with Tensorflow, Python with scikit-learn or R with R caret.



Guided Analytics

Turbo charge data science workflows using guided data munging, exploratory data analysis (EDA), model selection and training, and visualizations. Features include determining whether there is an imbalance in the source data, spot checking machine learning algorithms, selecting appropriate visualizations, and optimizing hyperparameters.


Accelerate Time to Market

Data scientists and Business Analysts can train, build and deploy models faster than ever before, using existing Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools with 3Blades. Our guided services function with Jupyter Notebooks, enabling end-users to no longer spend valuable time learning new custom interfaces.

Enhance Data Team’s Productivity

Data science teams can now collaborate more effectively and efficiently, driving further value to their teams and organizations. 3Blades’ tools enable data driven organizations to share insights directly on project assets, such as Notebooks, interactive visualizations, and Models to make better
decisions together, faster.

Continually Improve Performance

Once Models are trained and deployed, tight feedback loops and iterations allow for constant and incremental performance. Comparing models with common performance metrics allows data scientists and data engineers to test and tune model performance to obtain competitive advantages.

Future Proof

New Machine Learning and Deep Learning frameworks are constantly entering the market and existing ones are ever evolving. Thanks to 3Blades innovative design, data scientists can rest easy knowing that any new or updated ML/DL framework will integrate with the system.